Lasix: the best treatment for water retention in the body

Lasix is a medicine used to eliminate excessive water from a human body which is caused with failures or dysfunctions of various organs. It is also marketed under other brand names. You can buy lasix online or consider such medicines as furosemide or furocot. These are the same medicines with the same active ingredient and mechanism of action.

This drug is used to treat excessive fluid in the body. It belongs to a group of drugs known as well as water pills. Fluid retention is not a lethal condition but it indicates severe dysfunctions of vital organs as heart, kidneys or liver and other medical conditions. The mechanism of action of Lasix is simple. It induces the flow of urine by advancing the function of kidneys.

Lasix can be used alone only if a condition is caused with a diagnosed disease.

Why you must not use Lasix without prescription?

Lasix is not a dangerous or serious medicine, but it can severely affect the kidney function or reduce the efficacy of other medicines you are taking. But Lasix should never be taken without finding out what disease or dysfunction causes excessive swelling in your body. Taking Lasix will effectively cope with edema and will sufficiently ease the condition but it will mask the symptoms and the evidences of a more serious diseases. For example, renal dysfunction flows symptomless unless it is too late. Taking Lasix without prescription you will hide the symptoms and may worsen your key disease.

lasix furosemideLasix will not harm your kidneys, but if your heart, kidneys or liver function improperly, then the disease will get worse day after day while you will hide the key symptoms of dysfunction with loop diuretic. Do you know which consequences you may face later on? Your kidneys may fail or stop functioning at all, your heart may collapse, your liver may fail. Unfortunately, if a vital organ like one of these mentioned stops functioning, a patient will die. Fortunately, these organs can be transplanted. Good news is that modern medicine is at a high level and organ transplantation surgery is done anywhere. Bad news is that you can wait for a proper donor for ages. Are you ready to risk your heart or kidneys?

That is why noticing edema or swelling in your hands or legs or face, please contact your doctor to find out the reason of the condition. If your doctor will not detect any reason for swelling, then this condition can be considered as an individual mode of functioning of your body. In this case you can buy Lasix online and take in moderate dosages to help your body cope with excessive fluids. If your doctor will detect a disease causing excessive swelling then you will get prescription for treatment of your main diseases. But nevertheless you can buy Lasix online and take it with other drugs.

Another reason why you must not take Lasix without getting prescriptions and recommendations from your doctor is that Lasix will induce water flows through your body. Thus all the medicines you will take will be faster eliminated from your body. This may sufficiently reduce the efficacy of treatment you get. Please, discuss with your doctor how to manage your treatment in order to get maximum efficiency.

What does Lasix treat?

Lasix can be used alone or with other medicines to treat excessive fluids in your body (water retention). However water retention is not a disease. It is a condition caused with other diseases. For example, high blood pressure may cause water retention. Heart dysfunction adds workload on the vessels affecting their functioning. This increases the risks of damaging of vital vessels in the heart, brain or kidneys. This it its turn leads to collapses, failures and other severe conditions which require immediate treatments.

Kidneys, heart, pressure, liver require different approaches for treatment and different medications. If you miss the right moment to start treatment or will mask the symptoms.

Lasix is commonly added into treatment schemes in various dosages considering the severity of the excessive water retention in the body.

When you do not need Lasix?

Swelling considered to be a normal condition of your body if you:

  • drink over 2L of water every day and additionally consume coffee, tea, juices and other fluids
  • live a moveless office life (if you do not move properly your body does not use and eliminate water, this commonly leads to edema and swelling)

If you notice swelling from time to time, please analyze your condition and what you did a day before you notice the edema. If the condition is recurring, then it needs medical supervision. Do not try to experiment with the condition by drinking too much of water or experiencing heavy physical loads. If excessive water retention bothers you, then do not neglect the case, do not try to find the medicines to treat the condition. Visit your doctor to find out which disease causes water to retain in your body.

What forms of Lasix are available?

Lasix is available only with prescription from your doctor. Only your doctor can decide which of the forms of Lasix will do best for you.

Lasix is available as pills and suspension. Both forms of the medication are equally effective and can be used to help heart failures and dysfunctions, chronic heart diseases (in this case Lasix will be needed for life long period). Lasix is the first aid medication in case of fluid accumulation in lungs.

Off label use of Lasix

Patients have noticed that Lasix increases fluids elimination from the body. This leads to insufficient loss of weight. Some people decide to take Lasix on the eve of important events to look great and to lose some weight to fit in a smaller size of clothes.

We must warn you that this is a dangerous solution as administration of Lasix will lead to dehydration of your body, which is not less dangerous than water retention. Please, do not use Lasix with the goal of weight loss.

Facts about Lasix to know before starting treatment

Lasix is a safe medicine to use, however it should be taken carefully in order not to damage other organs or not to decrease the efficiency of other medicines you may take regularly or occasionally. If you have some chronic diseases of vital organs as kidneys, heart, liver, then only your doctor should estimate the risks and goods the medicine will do for a patient.

Allergic patients should carefully use Lasix

You can buy Lasix online without prescription, but we do not recommend taking Lasix without prior talking to your doctor. If you have ever had unusual reactions or allergic responses to any type of medicine, then tell your doctor you may response to chemicals with allergy. Also tell your doctor if you are allergic to various triggers as foods, drinks, chemicals, care products or environmental factors as fur or flowers. Never take any drugs without prescription from your doctor if you have had a single case in your life of allergic response to medicines.

Lasix rarely gets allergic responses from patients. But less than 1% of patients still report allergic reactions which they associate with Lasix intake.

Lasix use in children

If excessive water retention is witnessed in a child, then this condition must be immediately reported to the doctor as children commonly do not perform failures of vital organs. Do not give Lasix to children if you notice decreased urination. This will only mask the problem. If the decreased urination is a result of blocked urinary tract, then lasix will just worsen the case.

Only a pediatrician should decide what causes the edema or swelling in a child and whether Lasix will be an optimum solution.

Lasix use for geriatric patients

Lasix is a well tolerated medicine which does not cause severe side effects and there are almost no geriatric associated contraindications. Lasix should be given carefully to elderly patients having liver, kidneys and heart diseases. Administering this medicine to aged people a doctor should take into account a treatment a patient gets for key disease. This may happen that a patient does not need Lasix but needs a correction of the main treatment.

Lasix in pregnant women

Pregnancy is a specific period of life of a woman which requires special care. Not every drug is approved for use in pregnant patients. Lasix belongs to group C drugs which pose potential risks and adverse effects. This means these medicines may harm fetus and worsen the overall condition of a pregnant woman.

Swelling is considered to be a norm in pregnant patients. However women are not recommended to take drugs to cope with excessive water retention in the body. Pregnant patients are recommended to correct and normalize their condition with diet and life style changes.

If you are pregnant and suffer from swelling then contact your gynecologist for advice of how to cope with excessive fluids.

What should I watch for when taking Lasix

If you start loop diuretics, then you should regularly get tested. If you take prescription from your doctor, you will get recommendations to pass blood tests every week to monitor the level vital elements in your body. Lack of calcium, sodium and other elements will lead to other failures.

When you can not take Lasix?

Lasix is forbidden in the next cases. You must not take any loop diuretics if you have:

  • problems with urination
  • anemia is another contraindication to take any loop diuretic including lasix
  • dehydration also should stop you from taking furosemide – that is why Lasix is forbidden during dieting
  • deficiency of certain elements in the body – low content of calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, sodium in blood). Unfortunately most of these conditions (if are not in severe stage) flow symptomless. You can find out whether you have deficiency of these elements in your body. This is another fact, why you must not take Lasix without prescription. This medication can sufficiently worsen deficiency of certain elements. In its turn deficiency of calcium, potassium and other elements will affect the function of other organs. A human body is an integral system. If one organ collapses, other organs will feel deficiency.
  • Excessive levels of uric acid
  • severe liver diseases
  • severe kidney diseases – do not take Lasix or any other loop diuretics in order not to worsen the conditions

How to take Lasix?

Lasix is a safe medicine, however you should take it carefully. If you buy Lasix online, you should strictly keep to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you take Lasix after consulting your doctor, then follow recommendations of therapist.

buy lasix onlineLasix eases and controls the way how other organs are functioning. You must realize that Lasix normalizes the function of your heart, kidneys and liver. That is why you must strictly keep to the prescribed or indicated dosages.

Patients should under no condition exceed the dosage or reduce the dosage of the medicine. The drug should be taken for as long as the doctor prescribes. Never change the dosages or period of time the drug should be taken.

Some patients try to manage the dosage as they do not notice any changes of the conditions. However a patient should not feel any symptoms as his or her conditions become normal.

That is why exact intake of medication is of ultimate importance for the success of treatment. Next information is only of recommendatory character.

Lasix is used to treat edema in adults in the next dosages:

  • first intake – from 20 to 80mg of Lasix and then a dosage is corrected by your doctor or is reduced to minimum

For high blood pressure Lasix is taken in dosage of 40mg for the first time and then the dosage is reduced to minimum.

Lasix will not treat high blood pressure, it will not recover your kidneys or liver, but it will help you to control your overall condition and allow you to feel better. Lasix is safe. You can buy Lasix online without prescription.